As I've grown older, I have realized that our culture is always in such a hurry.

We never stop to wonder at the small, un-intrusive ways God speaks to us on a daily basis. If we do not stop and be still, we will miss all the little gifts of joy given each day.

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Painting has always been a spiritual journey for me—a space to explore the essence of peace. For me, pushing paint around a canvas allows me to explore and express the small ways God speaks to us each day. We must stay awake to wonder and give thanks for the many ways He reveals himself to us. Each painting seeks to capture the intricate design of God's creation and the deeper meaning of life through elements of nature, by exploring the relationship between light, form and gestural line.

My purpose is to capture the mystery of His divine being. The fleeting ethereal light that we are all too distracted and too busy to see.

I seek those eternal moments when the spirit speaks to the depths of my soul—surrounded by the silence of nature...enveloped in the ethereal those moments I know He is with me... if only I can be still and listen.

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"Let my paintings be a song revealing who You are.”

My morning prayer


Professional Biography

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Cheyenne Trunnell has aspired to be an artist since she was 12 years old. Her work has always had a spiritual undercurrent. No matter the subject of choice, she looks for the breath of the spirit and seeks to depict the ever present indwelling of truth. After graduating with her Masters degree, her work began to focus on the correlation between the healing aspect of art and nature.

Cheyenne's paintings have many layers of paint rich with texture and meaning. In 2008, upon her grandfather’s passing, she found a renewed desire to create art that soothes the worn and tattered soul. Her focus has become to find the sacred in the midst of chaos - to slow down to see the magnificent, intricacy of God's design - to be still long enough to hear the spirit speak and stir the depths of your soul.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Tennessee State University. She graduated with her Masters in Art Therapy from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.