Refreshed Creativity


This summer there were many changes to my business.  It has taken me most of the summer to wrap my brain around the change.  It has been very clear to me for the last few years that having a studio open to the tourist has in many ways hindered my ability to grow as an artist.  

As I thought about how I create my best work, I realized that I create better when I can have 4-5 hours of quiet, un-interrupted time in my studio.  There is this space that some artist go when they are in the depths of the creative process…..I do not know how to explain it other than it feels like a different level of consciousness, or possibly a different space within your brain that suddenly clicks on when given the right circumstances.  Needless to say, when people walk into your studio….it breaks that flow and it is hard to return to that space once the connection has been severed.  

There are many ways people look at the creative process but for me it is:

A space for meditation

A time of prayer 

A choice to quiet your soul and listen to the voice within. 

A space to process the beauty and the sacredness of what you saw on the hiking trail.  

A place to think through the way light and sky reflect on water.

It is a moment in time, a dedicated space to go deeper within your soul.  Many fear this space and I agree there is some darkness there that stems from old hurts..but there is also beauty in the ashes.  It is within the hard dark spaces of our souls that we are refined by the fire and heat of the hard times. It is in those spaces where we grow and learn.  

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Silent + Still


This is what God keeps repeating to me:
Soul Minimalism

We have a constant barrage of stimulation from: noise- news- radio- media -facebook -instagram
Incoming stimulus that whether we know it or not deeply imbeds within our soul -
We must declutter our lives in order to declutter our soul.
In order to hear God - which in turn fills the emptiness we all constantly try to fill with stuff -

The world is on a mission to be clutter free to become minimalist- - what if what the world is really searching for is decluttering to uncover the buried SOUL ~
Buried deep within under: iPads~ iPods~ iPhones~ computers ~schedules~planners~carpool ~pta ~commutes~ bills~ todo list~ laundry~ social media updates ~ selfies…
What if we are seeking this minimalist life because ultimately we are seeking


What if the decluttering of the soul
Is truly uncovering our ability to listen to the voice within
The Holy Spirit
The Holy God
The One who calls us son or daughter
The one who seeks to know us

We will continue to feel empty until we:
Calm the noise
Be still
Be still & know
Sit beside streams of living water

When we sit silently in God’s presence the sediment that is swirling in our souls begins to settle. We don’t have to do anything but show up and trust the spiritual law of gravity that says, Be Still & The Knowing will come.
— Ruth Haley Barton

How do we declutter & purge


We journal ~ releasing it all onto the pages of your journal… keep it or burn it … but be diligent to release it!

CREATE: a garden ~grow flowers ~ create a meal~ build a fire~write a beautiful handwritten letter~or simply write your story ~

Find the white space ~ the stillness~ the silence ~ the solitude ~BE STILL & KNOW

We must quiet and clear the space within in order to hear the voice of God.
Be Still & Quiet in the presence of God.
In 1 Kings 19: 1- 19 Elijah sought God & God came to him in silence -
“A Sound Of Sheer Silence”

When Elijah experienced the sound of sheer silence - that was full of the presence of God there was no need for words or any kind of cognitive response. He wrapped his face in his mantle - a sign of absolute reverence - and he went out & stood in the presence.


Thou hast formed us for thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in thee.
— Augustine

This past May at the end of the school year, we went on vacation as soon as school was out. To say we needed a vacation would be an understatement! I know you guys were likely feeling the same way. This world keeps us moving at such a pace that somedays I think I can not possibly do one more thing, drive someone one more place or even take one more step. Why do we allow ourselves to be so consumed with busy-ness?

As I sat down on the beach with my journal and began to consider what the theme of my next series would be about...I at first thought that it would be J O Y. Looking back I think that is probably because I was so overjoyed to sit and do NOTHING for a few days on the beach. Over time though...I realized I was forcing the issue and what God really wanted me to look at was R E S T. Why do we need R E ST, how do we learn to be comfortable in the R E S T?

So rather than bust out a whole new series...I paused to listen and I rested. I demanded myself to make room for rest, for quiet, for time in the Word and in prayer.

The outcome...I didn't get a new series released by September as I had hoped but I was listening and resting. Don't get me wrong...I was painting, but I intentionally moved slowly and calmly. Alas, my R E S T: seeking light series will finally be released November 7th.

I think our busy-ness is ridiculous and I am learning to say NO. ....No, my body can't handle one more thing to do.

Are you feeling busy? Overwhelmed? Frazzled? What can you do today to start slowing down... taking moments to rest and listen?