Silent + Still


This is what God keeps repeating to me:
Soul Minimalism

We have a constant barrage of stimulation from: noise- news- radio- media -facebook -instagram
Incoming stimulus that whether we know it or not deeply imbeds within our soul -
We must declutter our lives in order to declutter our soul.
In order to hear God - which in turn fills the emptiness we all constantly try to fill with stuff -

The world is on a mission to be clutter free to become minimalist- - what if what the world is really searching for is decluttering to uncover the buried SOUL ~
Buried deep within under: iPads~ iPods~ iPhones~ computers ~schedules~planners~carpool ~pta ~commutes~ bills~ todo list~ laundry~ social media updates ~ selfies…
What if we are seeking this minimalist life because ultimately we are seeking


What if the decluttering of the soul
Is truly uncovering our ability to listen to the voice within
The Holy Spirit
The Holy God
The One who calls us son or daughter
The one who seeks to know us

We will continue to feel empty until we:
Calm the noise
Be still
Be still & know
Sit beside streams of living water

When we sit silently in God’s presence the sediment that is swirling in our souls begins to settle. We don’t have to do anything but show up and trust the spiritual law of gravity that says, Be Still & The Knowing will come.
— Ruth Haley Barton

How do we declutter & purge


We journal ~ releasing it all onto the pages of your journal… keep it or burn it … but be diligent to release it!

CREATE: a garden ~grow flowers ~ create a meal~ build a fire~write a beautiful handwritten letter~or simply write your story ~

Find the white space ~ the stillness~ the silence ~ the solitude ~BE STILL & KNOW

We must quiet and clear the space within in order to hear the voice of God.
Be Still & Quiet in the presence of God.
In 1 Kings 19: 1- 19 Elijah sought God & God came to him in silence -
“A Sound Of Sheer Silence”

When Elijah experienced the sound of sheer silence - that was full of the presence of God there was no need for words or any kind of cognitive response. He wrapped his face in his mantle - a sign of absolute reverence - and he went out & stood in the presence.